About me


My name is Julia and I’m very happy you’re here. EasternEuropeanRecipes.com is a collection of more or less traditional regional recipes I wanted to share with you. A lot of them are my treasures, being passed from generation to generation. These recipes are simply way to good to sit in my drawer forever. I’m super passionate about cooking, discovering new flavors, and sharing my meals with friends and family.


Hi, it’s me!

Now, you are probably wondering why are the recipes Eastern European. To answer that question, I am Polish and food is a big part of my culture. This website is a place where I also wanted to celebrate my heritage. My beautiful hometown, Augustów, is very close to Lithuania and because of that we share most of the traditional dishes. I spent all my life in Poland and decided to move to Chicago after graduating college in 2013. Little did I know, this is where I met my future husband who happened to be of Ukrainian descent. Every time we visit the Ukrainian side of his family I get a chance to try their amazing traditional dishes. This website is a place where I also wanted to celebrate my heritage. Wherever I would travel and whatever I would eat, for me nothing compares to Eastern European comfort food.

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well,

if one has not dined well.

Virginia Woolf

How true Ms. Woolf! I believe that food is so much more than just nutrients. It’s the whole experience of making something for friends and family, sharing a meal, laughter, telling stories. Maybe you are of Eastern European descent too and remember having some of the meals with your family or maybe you’re looking to expand your horizons and try some new food. Either way I hope you will like my recipes.

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